Pastor W. F. Kumuyi counsels congregation on how to fast without harm or strain on their health – See What He Disclosed

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, has counselled his congregation on how to fast without harm or strain on their health.

In a video on his verified Facebook page, the man of God said that there are different types of fasting. He said that there is fasting by choice and fasting by imposition. He said, “If you want to fast beyond three days, take water.” 

The man of God explained that the body can do without food more than it can do without water. He said that fasting helps believers increase their faith. 

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He further counselled his congregation that they should know the foods that are compatible with their bodies so that they won’t use their teeth to dig their graves. 

He said all this during the leadership ministerial development training while talking on the topic, “The promised present healing for the whole man.”

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