Pastor’s warning concerning the cartoon “Little Demon” and the biblical battle against evil.

“Desensitize us to the demonic”: a pastor’s warning about the cartoon “Little Demon,” the conflict between good and evil in the Bible

A pastor in Upcoming York City has issued a warning to Christians about the new FXX show “Little Demon,” a controversial animated series about the devil that is owned by Disney.

In an interview with CBN’s Faithwire, Mike Signorelli, senior pastor of New York City’s V1 Church, expressed concern that the show was trying to normalize anti-biblical rhetoric.

They’re aiming to make us and our children immune to supernatural threats.
You may put it that simply.
That’s happened again and again,” he remarked.
But now there’s a show that tries to normalize homosexuality, which the Bible makes clear God abhors.

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On the “Playing with Fire” podcast, Signorelli explains the risks posed by “Little Demon” in depth.

An animated series called “Little Demon,” about a lady who has sexual relations with Satan and gives birth to the antichrist, is causing a stir in the public consciousness.

According to Signorelli, “Little Demon” has “an agenda,” and he cautioned that the show could wind up attracting a young audience.

He declared, “There is a spiritual war going on.”
Our children are the ones who will suffer the consequences of what Ephesians warns us about.
A dispute has arisen over a whole generation.
They’ll try to convince you it’s for adults only, but you and I both know that kids are dying to tune in.

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Signorelli argued that the show is “very relatable to kids” because of the cartoon format and the fact that one of the major characters is a young teen.

The publication of the animated series, according to the pastor, is a sign of the decaying nature of American culture.
In addition, he cautioned viewers of the show’s bloody content.

What happens when we normalize these kinds of images and people become desensitized to them?

Signorelli said, “Why?
At first it seems funny, but then you have to deal with the fallout from spreading fake news.
That joke is old and tired.

The preacher also expressed regret at the escalation of occult themes in American fiction, media, and popular culture.

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The occult and magic are topics that are gaining popularity in the United States, as seen by the sales of Ouija boards and publications about witchcraft.

Anyone watching should know that we are not opposing atheism,” Signorelli stated.
“I’ll tell you what, the Bible says, ‘Satan comes as an angel of light,’ and therefore he’s not going to come as a complete and total antithesis, because we would all perceive that.” — “We are actually fighting the New Age and counterfeit spirituality.”

“Christ is what they’ve lost in all of it,” he continued.
We must expose what I see as the devil’s handiwork.
Methods for the figurative conditioning of our offspring”

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