“People Don’t Pray Anymore” – Apostle Johnson Suleman Says as he Reveals What he Encountered When he Sneaked Into A Prayer Band Meeting

Founder of Omega fire ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has lamented about the weak prayer life of most believers after he revealed what transpired at a prayer band meeting.

In his words,

“People don’t pray anymore, if there is a meeting a pastor should try to attend, even if he missed any meeting, it is the prayer-band meeting. Enter there to pray with them..

Many years ago, I sneaked into a prayer-band meeting and by 2 0’clock, they wanted to round up. It was a vigil. I was at the back.

They said, they will round up and rest and early in the morning, before they leave by 5 am, they will pray.  When they were rounding up, I asked them; round up to do what? To sleep? No, we have to give ourselves to prayer.

The problem with us today, the only time people gather to pray is when they need something from God. That is not what prayer is… PRAYER IS MORE OF FELLOWSHIP THAN DEMAND.

But today, we have made it more of a demand than fellowship. Somebody’s church is not growing for a while, he goes to the mountain.

We have made it appear that we are always coming to pray because there is something we want to collect.  

As gas, fuel, and diesel is to a vehicle, so prayer is to a believer. Prayer is your life wire.

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