People Have Often Asked Why Cameramen Do Not Fall Under Anointing – Apostle Mike Orokpo Reveals Why

The Reverend Man of God in his message spoke about the principles of desire and expectations and how these principles are celestial and eternal. The principles are not only applied by men; they are also applied by angels.

The message also explained the reasons why a cameraman would fall under the anointing. Below is an exposition of his teachings: 

If you have been to a power meeting before where the man of God is speaking in the direction of the cameraman for him to fall under the anointing, it will look as if the cameraman has been cast like an iron. 

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The reason why the cameraman does not fall under the anointing is that they have no expectations of receiving. 

The attention of the cameraman is primarily to capture the moments, so while a man of God is saying take it, the cameraman is trying to get the right angle. He expects that the angle will be to take the correct shots but not receive them.

The cameraman is not shielded from the anointing, but his lack of expectations and desire to receive from God insulates him from receiving the anointing. 

The cameraman’s example is the same thing that happens to believe even when God is at the same spot with them, they won’t receive anything because they were never expectant. The forces of nature will back up the desires of a man who has channeled them. 

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Men who become successful in all spheres and areas of their lives have irresistible desires and unbreakable expectations beyond their limits. These expectations are energy generators in the spirit. 

When a man begins to build desire consciously, he insists on drawing the attention of God’s Spirit, because even God’s Spirit is attracted to people that have the desire and strong expectations, so apart from the fact that desire generates energies, they also provoke the attention of spirits. 

Every man who wins in life is a man with desires that cannot be taken. Everyone who doesn’t have a spiritual advantage in this life is doomed to fail, and what attracts spirits to your atmosphere is the kind of desire that you have.

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