People That Dance Like They Are In A Night Club In Church, where do they get that – Pastor Kumuyi Reveals What The Bible says about such dance

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members on “Purposefully Praising God Everyday Till The End,” at a recent revival service. In his second subtopic, he talked about “The History Of Acceptable /Unacceptable Praises To God” and emphasized how we are to worship God.

In the Video, he revealed that when the Bible says to praise God in the dance, it’s not modern-day dancing. Modern-day dancing has not come at that time and there are different kinds of dancing and the different kinds of steps they take. There are some dancing you cannot act except you go for training, there are people that have to go for training to know how they take the step and how they sing, but that is in the world, but this one is talking about the Israel of God, let them praise God in righteousness.

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According to him, we must ask ourselves the dancing that people have in their various assemblies today, where do they get that? They get that from the nightclub. Exactly the kind of dancing they were having in the nightclub when they were still in the world, now they say they are born again and then some of those who have not even born again, they see that there’s dancing over there and it’s exactly what they are doing in the night club, and people rush into such churches because there’s liberty and freedom there.

Then they can do the dancing, not the dancing of the Bible, it’s not the dancing of holy people, it’s dancing in the night club and then they will look for their concordance and look for a word and take the discovery in Psalms 149:3. They were doing something and they were looking for a verse to justify what they are doing.

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Finally, he said that there are people who are preaching false doctrine, and then they are looking for a verse to justify the false doctrine. They start from the Bible and go from the Bible to practice, not from the practice, and then they’re looking for something to justify what they are doing.

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