“Please Pray For Me, I Really Need It” – Check Out The Situation That Made Apostle Chinyere To Plead For Prayers

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, the founder of Omega Power Ministry, has asked for prayers from people across the globe, as one of his students in Cyprus was hit by stroke today, 13 June, 2022. 

A couple of hours ago, the Apostle took to his Facebook page to ask people for their prayers, as he disclosed that one of his students on scholarship in Cyprus was knocked down by stroke today. 

“The devil is a foolish man. He tried again today, 12 June, 2022, but Dr. Jesus also defeated him. He stroke one of OPM Scholarship students in Cyprus. Somebody child? What would people say? OPM brought him to Cyprus to kill him? God forbid” –he wrote.

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He said if anything happens to the young man, many won’t consider the fact that he is only trying to help, as they would mock him and say he had other intentions for sponsoring them to study abroad. However, he said he refuses to be discouraged.

He said he doesn’t want to stop helping people, as there are still millions of people who need help. He then asks people to support him with prayers in order to be able to continue helping people.

He attached a video of the student, as he was being placed inside an ambulance. He added that: “I really need the prayers of everyone around the world that loves good things, because I don’t want to stop helping, because there are still millions that needs God to touch through me, so, I must not be discouraged” – he wrote.

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Credit: Opera News

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