Powerful God: Pastor Faith Oyedepo Narrates how her evangelism team was attacked by a group of robbers And What God Did

Faith Oyedepo has revealed what happened when her evangelism team was attacked by robbers on the highway.

In her sermon today, during the Covenant Hour of prayer meeting, she explained how soul winning is not an ordinary activity, but warfare between the kingdom of God and Satan, which means that Satan might try to stop us from winning souls, but his plans will be destroyed by God.

She explained that God empowers people who are on the go for him. She said that he makes them “unhurtable”.

To illustrate her point, she told the story of how her evangelism team was attacked by a group of robbers, after they were returning from soul winning.

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She said that before they embarked on this activity, they prayed and anointed themselves, declaring that they would not be harmed by any power of the enemy as they go out.

According to her, after they had won souls and were returning, a group of robbers blocked their cars, and tried to get them to come out. But then, before the robbers could harm them, a huge man, who Pastor Faith Oyedepo claimed was the angel of God, came out with a thick stick, and began to beat up one of the robbers. When the other men saw how brutally the huge man was beating one of them, they all ran away.

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She declared that while we go about our Father’s business, no power from Satan can harm us.

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