Presidential Aspirant Peter Obi Finally Reacts To Fr. Mbaka’s Statement About Him Being Stingy -see what he said

Last week Father Mbaka of the Adoration ministry said some things about Peter Obi that a lot of people didn’t agree with and they didn’t waste time to criticize the priest for making such statement. Father Mbaka later apologized to Peter Obi for the statement he made concerning him. 

Peter Obi was not in the country when this statement was made, he returned to the country yesterday and he had an interview with Rufai Oseni on Voice of the people FM today, were they talked about various issues. He was asked to share his opinion concerning the statement Father Mbaka made concerning him, read what Peter Obi said below.

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“For me Father Mbaka is an ordained priest of God, he remains my priest and I will always show my allegiance to the church, whatever he says I will take it because he is my father in faith and I respect him any day, he is also my brother and we are very close. Whenever he says something wrong I pray over it and when he says something right I also pray over it.

So whatever he does I love him because he is a priest of God, if he says I am not going to be voted because I don’t have money my prayer is may God make this people who are collecting money to vote to see reason why they should not do so.

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