Prophet Israel Ogundipe Reveals Why Christian Leaders Are Biased Towards Tinubu Concerning his Muslim-Muslim Ticket

The senior prophet of the Celestial Church of God, Genesis Global, Prophet Israel Ogundipe, has said there was nothing wrong with the Muslim-Muslim ticket in the 2023 presidential race.

Apparently making direct reference to the ticket of APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his vice who are both Muslims, Prophet Ogundipe said God created heaven and the earth, likewise every living thing on the earth, according to the Holy Scriptures in the book of Genesis.

According to him, “humans are all created by one God. If every Christian, especially the so-called religious leaders, thought the same way, there wouldn’t be hate against fellow men who know nothing about his or her creation.”

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The prophet also said he was yet to fathom the real reason some Christians failed to understand the words and preach it just according to the way it should be done.

“Why must you hate your fellow brothers all in the name of doctrine?” he asked repeatedly.

“In the history of Nigeria, can any of the so -called G.Os, spiritual leaders stand their ground and boldly beat their chests to say Nigeria has never had a Muslim-Muslim ticket as presidential candidate? So what’s now the brouhaha that is creating an unending crisis in Nigeria?

“Looking at the Abuja event, if I may ask, where are the so-called spiritual leaders, CAN president, others? Instead of them fully being on ground to correct what seems to be wrong to them, they all sat down at their comfort zones to create more religious havoc.

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“I can say this on the podium anywhere as I had said severally in the past and I will never desist but rather continue saying it, no politicians or Nigerian leaders has ever given me money to voice out, likewise I’m not advocating for Celestial body or CAN but rather advocating for the Nigerian youths because I’m a Nigerian and a vibrant youth, a prophet of God. And I am entitled to my opinion.

“I’m not bothered if you take this piece personally or read it out of context as the fact remains; truth is always bitter.”

The man of God wholeheartedly gave account of his Muslim background which he declared he would never kick against as everybody is the same in Nigeria and God’s creation.

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Confiding in his media aide Oluwaseun Fabiyi, he said he would rather die speaking the truth than to live telling lies.

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