Rapper Kanye West Draws Similarities Between Himself and Moses in Trending Instagram Post

In a post that went viral on Instagram, Kanye West compared himself to Moses.

In a now-viral Instagram story post last week, Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West seemed to draw parallels between himself and the Biblical figure Moses.

The Christian Post reports that West made a social media post last week in which he drew parallels between himself and Moses through Instagram story.

The rapper said in an Instagram post that no one has inquired about Moses’s sleep schedule. The viral post had no background information.

West has emerged as a leading Christian voice in recent years. The previous year, he also opened Donda Academy, a Christian-based private school in Southern California.

West’s mother, a university professor, inspired the school’s name.

The school’s website states that students may “expe[i]ence two enrichment courses,” such as choir, cinema, international language, or parkour, in addition to “learning foundations, growing in their faith.” The daily timetable will consist of “whole school worship” and core subjects including English, Math, and Science.

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Throughout its mission statement, the university states that it wants to “display God’s glory in the world.”

A press release claims that Donda Academy is “tuition-based institution. Anyone, regardless of means, is encouraged to submit an application. Students who need financial assistance may apply for grants and scholarships.”

According to Rolling Stone, the first school year at Donda Academy, which opened in 2021, has already started. However, when the new school year started, the school was still looking for instructors and had not yet been accredited.

According to two people who spoke with Rolling Stone, parents who enroll their children at the school are asked to sign nondisclosure agreements.

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Consultant Tamar Andrews said additional information about Donda Academy will be uploaded soon, but that doing so wasn’t a top priority right now.

Andrews added, “We really don’t care whether people know about the school.” “People in the region who are seeking for a decent Christian school have heard of us, therefore they’re coming to us. Having ties to Donda will also earn you some notoriety. That we may not need to promote is both a boon and a bane.”

She also said that there were less than 100 pupils and 16 professors at Donda right now. As an additional cost, annual tuition averages roughly $15,000.

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According to Malik Yusef, West’s longtime producer and collaborator, the rapper plans to build many schools around the country over the next five years.

The rapper “has always wanted to do this,” Yusef said. “I don’t believe people realize how serious that is. This guy has long desired to build a university bearing the name of his mother…. Take a look at the work we’re doing in the classroom with the choir and the fashion club; I doubt that any venture capitalist or other investor has had a more crystal clear picture of what your schooling may be like.”

Popular popular hip-hop artist Kanye West has recently released two albums focusing on his Christian faith: Jesus Is King (2019) and Donda (2019). (2021).

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