Reason Why It Is Not Good To Sleep With Your Partner Before Marriage— Bishop Duncan Williams reveals

Bishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, the presiding archbishop and general overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry which has its headquarters in Accra, Ghana has given some reasons why it is not good for a man to sleep with his partner before they get married. Bishop Williams made the statement in a video uploaded by Rhema Channel on Facebook yesterday.

According to the Bishop, before you sleep with someone, there is something that needs to be broken called soul ties. If you didn’t break that soul ties by marrying your partner, you will be sleeping with all the people she or he had contact with in the past.

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He cited that a woman is like a soil that needs to be cleared before you sow your seed in it, if you did not clear the soil, your seeds will not be productive. Bishop Williams added that the clearance for a woman is marrying her and without tying the knot, the man will be sleeping with all the people in her past.

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