Rebecca Had Qualities When She Married Isaac, But Today, The Reverse Is The Case – Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries spoke to ladies in the church about what they need to do before marriage.

He revealed that it is important that ladies secure their future as he told the story of Rebecca, Isaac’s wife. He said that he likes Rebecca because when she was leaving her father’s house, her brothers loaded her with blessings. They gave her gifts and upbringing just to prepare her peradventure if she’s going to marry a poor man. If she meets a poor man, the grace on her will swallow his poverty.

According to the cleric, today, the reverse is the case. Young ladies want to get married so that the man can carry their family load. They’d say that they want to marry a rich man so that he can take care of their siblings. “What your father cannot do, you want somebody’s son to do it for you,” he said. He then revealed that when a woman is very prepared, she doesn’t look for partners but partners look for her. Many ladies who are looking for someone to marry are empty. They do not have anything to offer so they are looking for someone to complement them.

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Finally, he said that when a woman carries something in her, there is always a queue of men who would want to marry her. He said that men are already wise and they will always want to know what the lady has to offer. He said that it is very unfortunate that some illiterate wants to marry graduates and if that happens, who will marry the illiterates.

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