Regardless Of Your Spirituality, There Is A Need For You To Go To Parties – Pastor Anaba Reveals why

The man of God says that regardless of a person’s spirituality, there is a need for them to get exposed and build a social life by going out when invited to parties by friends.

Eastwood Anaba made these revelations while preaching to his congregations. He emphasized that irrespective of prayer being important, it should not be the only meeting a person can get involved in.

When they invite you to a party you say you won’t go. When they ask, you say to me I don’t go for parties. I’ve been hearing brothers who say he doesn’t like parties so me I won’t go. You sit there you will turn into a villager all the days of your life.

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When you go to a party that’s where you get the opportunity to meet people and be open to new development. That is where you go and see people holding their fruit juice and walking and talking. That is where proper connections are.

The nim tree you’ve been sitting under there is no connection there. So when they invite you to a birthday party they are saying come there and meet somebody. Sometimes even your husband that’s where he is. You know what, husbands are not in a prayer meeting. Everybody is here to break something. All of us here something chases us so you the woman they don’t even see you because of the way you are…”

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