Reno Omokri Advises Husbands On What To Avoid Taking In Order To Be Strong In The Other Room

Human rights activist and preacher Reno Omokri took to his official twitter handle on Wednesday, to advised men why they should to stop drinking sugary drinks, but water only.

He said they should rather, drink water and once the water becomes boring, they should add either lemon, cucumber or berries to it.

According to Omokri, who is not a medical expert, said taking of beer, champagne and sugary drinks is not enjoyment, stressing that only water is.

He asserted that water is what makes a man strong “in the only room that matters in marriage!”

He tweeted, Dear husband,

“Stop drinking sugary drinks. Drink water only. If water gets boring, add a hint of lemon, or cucumber, or berries to it. Beer, champagne, and sugary drinks are not enjoyment. Water is. It makes you strong in the only room that matters in marriage!.”

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