Reno Omokri Reveals Why You Should Not Lend Money To Your Friend

Human rights activist Reno Omokri took to his verified Facebook page to disclose the reason why people should not lend money to their friends who may be in need of the said money.

While establishing his reasons, he first initiated that, inasmuch one’s refusal to lend money to one’s friend would make the friend to be angry, the outcome would be more hurtful for the lender, because, the borrower’s inability to pay back the borrowed money would give birth to a more long lasting anger.

“If you refuse to lend money to your friends, they may be angry with you for a day. But if you lend to them and they don’t repay you, you will be angry with them for years.”

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He further noted that, the attitude people put up when borrowing money from their friends is always different from the one they will show when it is time for them to pay back, stating that, people are loyal and calm when borrowing but get aggressive when it is time for them to pay back.

“Never be moved by the trembling little cat that comes to ask you for a loan. I assure you that that cat will transform into a roaring lion when you ask for your money back.”

While describing one of the common characteristics of debtors, he said that, during borrowing, they are fearful but display boldness when they choose not to pay back their debt.

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“Debtors are timid when borrowing and bold when refusing to pay. If you lend, they will offend!”

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