“Resist the temptation to prophesy on every trending issue” – Prophet Jesse Jangfa Counsels Prophets And Prophetic People

Founder of Lord of Hosts Harvest Ministries located in Jos Prophet Jesse Jangfa has offered counsel to prophets and prophetic people.

Prophet Jangfa is well known for his prophetic grace and deep spiritual insight and wisdom.

See what he said,

*The prophetic ministry is a sacred call from the Lord and should not be handled with frivolity.

*The prophetic is not for entertainment or selfish aggrandizement. It’s God’s channel of bringing the testimony of Jesus Christ to humanity.

*Resist the temptation to prophesy on every trending issue, including football. 

One of the sure virtues of a believer and a minister of Christ is self-control. 

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Else, serious and mature believers will not take you serious anymore. 

*If you do not outgrow the performance mentality or the pressure to prove that you are accurate, very soon you will start using your gifts to serve your selfish lusts and adorn the kingdom of darkness .. Guess what? You are already becoming a false prophet.

*Even when you receive the word of the Lord, discern your timing and audience.

Bring forth your utterance in it’s season.

*Prophesy publicly on public issues ONLY when you are commanded by the Lord, and not to prove a point.

*Be quiet when you don’t have the word of the Lord on an issue or when you are restrained by the Spirit.  Don’t be a charlatan!

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*Be humble enough to admit when you err, and repent.. Repentance is an expensive practice for many christian these days.

*Stay in the secret place, build intimacy with God, labour in prayer and the word. 

These are the primary calling of a prophet.. 

prophesying accurately is an overflow of spending time with Jesus.

May the Lord purge His church and restore pure prophetic streams in the church in Africa.

This is my heart cry!

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