Rev.Funke Adejumo Gives Two Ways Parents Can Know If Their Child Is Sexually Abused

Child sexual abuse or molestation is when a person has sexual contact with a child. In most cases, children know their abusers. This is becoming rampant these days and parents should become very conscious of it. They need to have a better relationship with their children so that you can open up to them when necessary. Pastor Funke Adejumo spoke to parents about why they need to have time for their children. She said that the child you nurture and nourish will nourish you in the evening of your life.

According to her, there is a difference between spirituality and religion. It’s not only church programs that take away some parent’s time, but some parents move from one street to another looking for money and they have children. “Some, every year you are pregnant,” she said.

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Speaking further, she said, “Some of you, your children cannot even talk to you, they cannot confide in you. Some of these children, their uncles and cousin uncles are sleeping with them but they cannot tell you because you will beat them and kill them. “You know why? because that was the way we were raised,” she said.

She then advised that you schedule a time to be with your children. No child is sent to any parent by God, children are only sent through them and they are not the owner of the children. She said that if you don’t give birth to those children, another person will give birth to them. “So, you have to listen to your children carefully, listen to what they are saying,” she said.

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However, here are two ways parents can know if a child is sexually abused:

1. Develops new or unusual fear of certain people or places and refuses to talk about a secret shared with an adult or older child.

2. Has a sudden change in eating habits. Such a child refuses to eat, loses or drastically increases appetite, or has trouble swallowing.

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