Review Of The Prophetic Childhood Story Of Evangelist Bola Are

Evangelist (Dr) Bola Are is a renowned gospel musician and also a very popular gospel artist with a link to the prestigious Christ Apostolic Church. She was born over 6 decades ago in Erio Ekiti, the home of the popular Ori Oke Erio (Erio Prayer Mountain), one of the mounts of prayer, established by the late founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Apostle Ayo Babalola. She was so fortunate to be brought up by the spiritually endowed prophet and Apostle, Ayo Babalola. The birth of Bola Are was a significant one as according to her, she has for long been prophesied that she would be born to her father, Thomas Babayomi in 1953, before she was finally born in the following year, on the 1st of October, 1954.

Her Prophetic Ministrations And Dedications As A Prayer Warrior And Devoted Believer Of God’s Moves:

Her mother suffered several situations on the cause of training her, ranging from being kidnapped to being robbed of the money that was supposed to pay for her school fees, in exchange for her baby. Her spiritual angle of commitment and consecration to prayers started from both Ife Oluwa Grammar School, in Osogbo, and Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School, in Efon Alaaye, where she would make prayer sheds, near her dormitory for prayers. At some specific times, she would retire to these places for prayers. She already had a foreknowledge of her move to CAC Grammar School in Efon Alaaye as at around 1967. The Holy Spirit would minister to her of the fact that she was In the wrong place, in Ife Oluwa Grammar School, Osogbo, it was not a thing of surprise when she was eventually transferred to CAC Grammar School.

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In the life of an elect, the touch of God is always evident. According to the book of Jeremiah 1:5, the Lord clarifies His ordination of Prophet Jeremiah from the womb. This incident in the Bible has made it evident that God has always ordained His elects and prophets, right from the womb, even, before they were conceived. It is a mystery that resides with Him alone. This same act of spiritual ordination was similar in the life of Evangelist Bola Are. Right from the age of 2, she has started to see visions, and also prophesy, to guide and instruct her parents. For instance, her father faced the consequences of disobedience to her spiritual instructions at a time. He refused to stay at home, when she, through prophetic declarations, told him not to go to the farm. He had an accident that would have cost him his life but left him with some relics in some deformity. Since then, he had always sought her spiritual guidance before doing anything.

This same spiritual foresight and prophecy played out sometimes when she was in Ife Oluwa Grammar School, Osogbo. She saw in a vision around 1967, during the period of the WAEC Examination that some of the less intelligent students had planned some evil and diabolical harm for the excellent ones. This word of knowledge was taken for granted, and the evil plan was carried out successfully. The evil that could have been aborted happened. Since then, both the teachers and the students alike did not take her spiritual intelligence for granted. Also, while in CAC Grammar School, Efon Alaaye, she would have seen the questions for the examinations, in a vision. This she always shared with her friends. The visions have always been accurate, to the surprise and admiration of her colleagues.

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The most intriguing, and very strange one was when she was in CAC Efon Alaaye. It was during the period of the WAEC Examination, and the paper to write was the English Language. God has shown her of the events that would occur during the day of the paper, as in that, the invigilator would delay in his arrival to the examination hall, but would eventually come. This she relayed to the people, and out of impatience, her colleagues could not bear the fact that they would have to wait till another year before they could rewrite the paper once they miss the examination, hence, they all took off and left for another school in Ilesa to join the examination ongoing there.

Even, her teachers implored her to join her colleagues, she declined and held to the vision the Lord has shown her about the incident. Her teachers pitied her stand that they’d thought could land her in an extra year, but, to their amazement, the invigilator eventually showed up and apologized for the delay. Her friends that went to another school, with the notion of joining them for the paper were turned back that, their examination papers had been sent to their school, at CAC Grammar School, Efon Alaaye. Thus the young Bola Are was a celebrated prophetess, while at her childhood stage.

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One very important significance of the childhood life of Evangelist Bola were her spiritual doggedness and consecrations to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. In all the situations she experienced, most especially in that of the delayed examination, she held on to the promise that was given in her visions, of the fact that the invigilator would still come, which he did. She did not fail to hope on the promises of God and the reality of waiting on Him and obeying His instructions. In all, she was not put in shame but, was a celebrated star and gloriously decorated minister of God, many years after. This shows practically that, God does not and cannot fail nor would He disappoint those who trust in Him, and diligently wait for the actualization of His promises.

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