Sad! How A Man Hated His Wife, Unknown To Him That She Had A Terminal illness – Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Dr Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre has shared the story of a woman who had a turbulent marriage. The man was a very rich person, but who has been having extramarital affairs with another lady. The marriage was not working, as the man was not making it to work. He has another woman he has favoured over his wife.

Both spouses are in the same house, they do not interact with each other. This behaviour was from the husband. He was tired of his wife hence he wanted to get rid of her. On a particular day, as shared by the cleric, the man came home and told the wife that he would like them to go their different ways and that she could take whatever she likes.

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The woman unhappily told him that she did not want anything but would love to request something from the man. He accepted her request, which was that he would start carrying her every day for a month before they would now call it to quit. The first day he carried her, he realized she was very light in weight. He complained about it, unknowing that, she has been sick with a terminal disease.

The daily carriage went as agreed, but in the process, he has started to develop his love for her back again. By the end of a month, he was fully in love with her again, and ready to make amends and restructure his marriage back with her. But, as he planned to do this, it was then the wife revealed the secret of her sickness to him and that, she has just a few months to live, hence, she decided that he should carry her for the number of days left for her to live.

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His world came crashing down. He had hated his wife until death. By the time he was ready to love her back and make amends for his previous carelessness with his marriage to her, it was too late. She died.

On this, the cleric has shared that spouses must be committed to the fulfilment and satisfaction of their spouse, not just in your satisfaction but, it must be a selfless lifestyle shown to each other.

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