Sarah Hamaker gives 7 ways to draw people to church

7 of the most important ways that we may attract people to the church, Sarah Hamaker.

How can we make going to church more appealing to people rather than something that turns them off?
Sarah Hamaker provides us with seven wonderful strategies to attract people toward the church, in addition to three things that SHOULD NOT be done.

To begin, the following are three things that will undoubtedly guarantee that they will not accompany you to church:

1.Nagging Them

2.Scare them with the idea of Hell

3.Confound them!

The following is a list of seven techniques to attract people to church that are consistent with the message of the gospel and that people will respond to:

1.Ask them to come.

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It may seem like a no-brainer, but we should definitely get better at inviting people to church.

2.Be gracious in the face of rejection.

Do not allow yourself to become furious, nor should you attempt to coerce them into coming.
Say something to the effect of “maybe next time,” and accept their refusal graciously.

3.Discuss going to church as though you find it enjoyable.

Talk to your neighbor about the sermon that was given on Sunday and how it has touched your life.
Recapture the joy that church used to provide you, and then spread that joy to others!

4.Talk about your religious beliefs in everyday situations.

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This is not an attempt to impose the gospel on people during interactions.
This is referring to aspects of your day-to-day life that are influenced by the faith that you practice.

5.Display your support for your local church.

Share with others the things you do to help one another, such as bringing meals to one another, caring for the elderly, and caring for children.
This demonstrates to the world outside the church that its members care about one another.

6.Imagine the space beyond these walls.

Since the pandemic began, we have witnessed a great variety of new approaches to gaining people’s attendance at church.
If there are those who aren’t ready to come to your church quite yet, encourage them to watch the sermon on Facebook or via livestream on your church’s website.
This will make it easier for them to “get in the door,” and in the long run, they may even decide to join you!

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7.Maintain an open mind regarding the beliefs of various churches.

Regardless of our religious affiliation, we all love Jesus.
It’s possible that some people would feel more at home in a different kind of church than the one you attend.
Inspire them to take the trip!

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