Sarah Jakes Roberts – Becoming While Undoing (Video)

Check out this insighful message from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts which is God says if you are focused on Doing” then you will not realize what it means to be in a relationship with him. Doing is a natural by-product of becoming with God. You start to do things that you never imagined, not because you planned it but because you are becoming someone.

She tells us that when you align with who you are in God, then becoming becomes automatic. The problem is that we start doing before becoming and we end up frustrated. The reason we are frustrated is that you cannot hustle yourself into purpose.

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She points out that you cannot do what someone else is doing except you become what they are. If you want to become what some one else has become, then you have to do the undoing that person has done.

This is a message that you will love.

Watch video below;

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