Sarah Jakes Roberts – You Don’t Have to Fight Alone (Video)

Check out this awesome and eye opening message from Sarah Jakes Roberts  titled “Why You Don’t Have To Fight Alone”.

The waiting game is never easy. Let’s be honest, we all want what we want and we set plans and deadlines for our desires and dreams to be accomplished. 

And when we seek after God about our plans sometimes those desires change. We see ourselves in a waiting season, and God uses that time to let us know that what He has for us is worth the wait.

In this message, Pastor Sarah tell us that whatever you are going through, you are not the only one who has had to face it before. You are not alone because there are others who have gone through it before you and survived.  

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There are a lot of people who are backing you up because there are times when it is easier to pray for someone else than to pray for yourself

The outcome of your situation may not encourage you but you do not have to judge God’s faithfulness based on the outcome.

Watch video below;

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