“Satan Has No Hand In This One” – Bishop David Oyedepo Reveals One Major Challenge Of People

Founder of Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed one major cause of people’s challenges which he revealed to be pride. He has inferred so many situations that are caused by pride. The act of pride is an in-built nature of people. Satan does not have anything to do with it. 

As much as pride could also be among the so many traits of Satan in his life, those being exhibited by human beings are their behaviour which has caused them a lot of problems.

In his words, the cleric has stressed that many challenges that so many people experience are not from the devil but they are the results of their pride. Pride is a silent destroyer hence believers must always examine themselves whether they are in pride or not. 

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Also, the cleric has drawn an example from cases of some ladies and young men that have remained unmarried for years. The only problem they have has always been that they have become too choosy in who to be their husband or wife. 

No one seems to be up to their size or standard. This has also caused them a lot of calamities and delays. The calamites and marital delay are not the handiwork of satan but it is born out of their naughtiness and pride.

Also, the cleric has inferred cases of some people that would not want to work under anybody, whereas, they do not have anything they are doing for a living. 

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They are always broke, and not responsible for anything. They have opportunities to work with people that could be beneficial to them but their pride would not allow them to stoop so. low to get the best for their lives.

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