Saying “Holy Ghost Fire” Does Not Have Any Effect On Demons – Apostle Joel Ogebe Reveals Why

The Leader of the House of Salem International School of Prophets, Abuja, Apostle Joel Ogebe, in a video posted some hours ago on Facebook affirmed that saying “Holy Ghost Fire” does not torment demons and that anyone who thinks he is not saying the truth should prove him wrong by showing him a Bible verse to support his claim.

In the video, the cleric said, “Saying Holy Ghost Fire does not torment demons. None of the disciples did that to cast out demons. If you think I’m lying, please show me in the Bible”.

Speaking on what torments demons and makes them bow, he said they are tormented by the authority in the name of Jesus. The second thing they bow to is light because they are creatures of darkness. He said a demon will run from any man that carries light without being rebuked because he knows he cannot withstand it.

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“Instead of shouting Holy Ghost Fire, give them a command in the name of Jesus and they will flee”, he continued. He concluded by saying that you should be prepared at all times because demons attack at any time. This will help you to defeat them.

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