See What Apostle Johnson Suleman Said About Believers Who Cannot Pray For 2 Hours

Nigerian televangelist preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman, founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, has in a video uploaded on his official church Facebook account a few minutes ago said that there are people that can not pray for two hours because they don’t know that one-hour prayer is for children.

Apostle Suleman began by saying that we should understand that while the world is going for pleasure, it is the time for you to go for prayers, and the problem with many of us is that we eat like Ahab and still want to produce evidence like Elijah. 

He noted that there are many that can not pray for one hour and there are people that cannot pray for two hours, not knowing that one-hour prayer is for those in the children’s department.

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He said that is the reason why Jesus said in the Bible that you could not at least pray for one hour. Therefore, one-hour prayer is for those at the lowest level in the realm of the spirit.

He further clarified that paying tithe is not just about giving ten percent of our money; money is not everything. He said paying tithing is giving ten percent of everything, including our time.

He said that means we must spend at least two hours and forty (2:40) minutes with God every day, or else that person has not paid tithe for that day.

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Finally, Apostle Suleman said that nobody can take his world without prayers.

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