See What Apostle Joshua Selman Said About Ladies That Wear Trousers

In one of his messages, the preacher tries to iron out the issue of whether women should wear trousers or not. He was keen about the issue and he really wanted his listeners to understand the message.

“Living Faith will never be Deeper Life; Christ Embassy will never be Celestial Church,” Joshua Selman tried to make a point.

“We will never get to a point where all the ladies in the world would stop wearing trousers and we would never get to a point in life where all the ladies would wear trousers,” he further said.

He talks about a popular scripture (Deuteronomy 22:5) that most people misquote concerning the issue. If we should follow this bible verse, then we should all be wearing gown or skirt. Men of those days were not known to be wearing trousers.

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He also points out to most ladies who do not wear trousers, but they put on revealing dresses. Prostitutes of those days were like them. They had nothing like miniskirts or even trousers; yet they could entice men with their transparent clothes.

He also said: “The secret to the growth of the corporate body is to concentrate on our similarities and not our differences.

Many believers are saved, many are filled with the Holy Ghost, but very few are free.”

Heaven is a big place that would not be for only a particular group. Selman talks about love also. He says that some of the people who believe these myths do not love their brothers. They are selfish and have personal problems.

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