See What Pastor Paul Enenche Said About People Who Accuse Pastors Of Performing Fake Miracles

Pastor Enenche while preaching, denounced those who accuse pastors of fabricating miracles. He stated: “Every single revival includes the misunderstanding of the populace. They will act in a variety of ways and just mock. Oh no, they’re fabricating miracles. If a person is neither insane or the devil himself, then who in their right mind would spend their entire lives fabricating events while claiming that God is behind them? What will a person gain from projecting something that is not true? Amazing life! And as you are aware, everything is unclean to the unclean. Because of how twisted their lives are, they consequently believe that everyone who is straight is also crooked. They hold others to the same standards they hold themselves to.”

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He continued by saying that until God trusts, He will never entrust. God has a great deal of faith in you before He can give you significant things to handle. They are unable to comprehend that God has given this individual such a vast amount of resources because He is aware that not a single penny will be lost. There is no way to steal one cent.

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