See What Pastor Paul Enenche Says About Pastors Who Feel Too Big For Praise And Worship

According to Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching, he said  “Any pastor of any church who is too big for praise and worship is a pastor that is out of revival. Outside authentic revival. He’s too big for thanks, too big for appreciation, too big for praise. 

You know, in most places, pastors enter the church after the praise worship is over, they’re not interested in the praise, in the worship – “it’s for the children, it belongs to those who are in the flesh”. 

They’re not interested in the worship segment, it’s not part of what they’re looking for. If praise and worship are not a part of your life, something is wrong with you and I will say it with audacity.”

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He then said that God believes in joy, He believes in rejoicing. Rejoicing in the presence of God in the climate of praise is not carnal. He believes in joy and rejoicing. Even God doesn’t only believe in singing, He’s part of singing. Mathew 26:30, Jesus Himself singing hymns with His disciples. Somewhere in Zechariah, Jehovah God Himself blew the trumpet.

Finally, he said, “There’s an explosion of authentic thanksgiving, praise, authentic worship in the climate of revival. Thanks flow effortlessly, praise like babies, and worship in depth. In that climate, tears flow effortlessly, as you appreciate the mightiness of God. No, I’m not teaching you theory.”

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