Senior Pastor Of House On The Rock Church Pastor Paul Adefarasin Reveals Why God Identifies Himself As A Lion And Eagle – See what he said

The Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock church, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, has revealed why God identifies himself as an eagle and a lion.

In a video on his Facebook page, the man of God said that God is a master of metaphor and, through metaphor, he is identified as an eagle and a lion. Adefarasin said that he is identified as an eagle and a lion because the eagle is the king of the sky while the lion is the king of animals. He said that the eagle symbolizes vision and power. 

He further said that God identifies himself as a lion because the lion is not the fastest, biggest, or heaviest animal but is renowned as a king because of its attitudes. He said, “The lion has a sense of ownership because it could eat anything it wants to eat.” God is the king of kings and there is nothing he can’t get.

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