Should Gospel Artistes Ticket Their Events? – Pastor Emmanuel Iren Reveals

Lead Pastor and founder of Celebration Church International Pastor Emmanuel Iren has taken to his Twitter handle to make a detailed thread to answer the question if Gospel artists should ticket their events.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren released his debut album ‘Apostolos: Sounds of Transition’ on August 8, 2022, which features appearances from Nosa, Sinach, Judikay, E-Daniels, Victor Bajulaiye, 121 Selah andthe Outburst Music Group.

See what he wrote,

This is a question that must be answered with scriptures, but also with love and common sense:

Consider the Jewish Priesthood. Those who were in charge of the service of public worship were called Levites. These included, MUSICIANS, gate keepers, guardians, Temple officials, judges, and craftsmen.

Why is this important? ‘Cus one of the borrowed ideas behind gospel artistes not ticketing events come from the fact that Levites were never supposed to work for money.

But there is a huge omission in that narrative.

“The LORD said to Aaron: You shall have no portion among them. Behold, I have given the children of Levi  the tithes in Israel as an inheritance IN RETURN for the work which they perform…” Numbers 18:20-21

1. Levites weren’t just to live by ‘faith’. There was clear provision

It may be impractical or even wicked to simply say gospel artistes shouldn’t ticket their events because…Levites. What’s the practical alternative?

Have you ever been blessed by a gospel artiste and sent a gift unsolicited? Even if so, how regularly?

Of all the songs that you have for next to nothing on your phone, which is there on account of your support?

May be if the Church was intentional about generosity towards creatives, then you’d have the right to complain about ticketed events. But the stories suggest otherwise

2. Note worthy that God said: “I have given the Levi tithes IN RETURN for the work which they perform”. 

Saying “why charge for worship” may seem pious but it’s unfounded. 1Co 9:11  If we have sown spiritual things for you, is it a great thing if we reap your material things?

Even though that’s not a right to be enforced, and that when people don’t get it, it’s better to suffer (or Paul says to even die) than to discredit your boasting in the Lord (1 Cor 9:15), it doesn’t make it wrong. Paul’s quotation also means it’s not merely an Old Testament idea

3. I believe that for balance, every gospel artiste should belong to a local Church, and the local Church should fund their gospel music outreach initiatives. But unsurprisingly, people criticize that too saying “Why should Churches pay musicians?”

Have there been excesses? Yes. But still, it is my opinion that the Church moves away from this unintentional but wicked ideologies.

Here’s the common sense part- is what you’re suggesting practical? What’s your alternative?

Do you know how hard and expensive it is to promote songs that bless the body of Christ? Aren’t you being unintentionally inconsiderate to people who are not in it for money but just need support to project their gift?

In a world saturated with ungodly and provocative sounds, are we still talking about this? Instead of mobilizing around our own and sponsoring their voices to get louder?

These are the issues to consider.

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