“Sir Just Leave Songs For us” – Pastor Paul Enenche Describes How he Impacted Dunsin Oyekan’s Music Ministry

Dunamis founder Pastor Paul Enenche recently talked about how he impacted Minister Dunsin Oyekan’s Music ministry.

He said, “My wife and I were talking about what God did in the life of minister Dunsin Oyekan. I wasn’t even aware that he had an album before until God hooked him to a grace, a covering and everything pushed out. He told me one day “Sir, what do you want us to do? 

We are the musicians and you are the one releasing songs all the time. What do you want us to do? Just leave the songs for us. We are the music ministers, just leave our lane”. I said we will all flow in the fire, we will all flow in the grace. 

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Songs are running out like water from him as well now. We were talking that the typical music minister releases one album in a year and he goes to rest and he said “I can’t function like that. 

He said look at you are not in the music ministry but see what is happening to you. I can’t remain like that.”. I have heard the songs on the first one and the second and third ones, they are growing in oil because of what covers. 

What can people take notice of regarding those who came in contact with your life? I speak to you today, something is going to happen to you that will change those who come in contact with your life.”

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