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Skeletons In Grandfather’s Cupboard (Prayer session with Pastor Olukoya)

It would be nice to read this short message, so that you can understand the kind of aggression you should introduce into your prayers. Spiritually, it is possible for your parents, and ancestors whether consciously or unconsciously into serious problems.

Dr olukoya MFM

Spiritually, it is possible for you to suffer from the consequences of the sin of another person. Spiritually, it is possible for the cup of parental iniquity to be shared amongst the children.

There is someone here, I prophesy upon your life that the powers that are sharing sorrow shall not come near your door, in the name of Jesus.

A parental cup of iniquity could be shared, and until that cup is full, the following generations continue to suffer. There could be somebody here tonight drinking from the cup of iniquity of his father’s house. Your ancestors can write promissory notes that are affecting you now. Ancestors can accept curses working on the lives of the descendants. An evil chain from your background can bind a whole family. Your grandparents can acquire a killer sword that is now killing members of the family.

This is why I am praying here tonight, that any killer sword raging here in any family, we bury you tonight in the name of Jesus.

The major skeleton in the cupboard of many people’s grandfather’s house is that of evil dedication to idols. And once a person is dedicated to an idol consciously or unconsciously, he will certainly have trouble.

When we say dedicate, it means:

  • to devote somebody to the worship of something- to set apart somebody for a definite purpose. and   to consecrate somebody to something.

God too respects dedication. In 1 Samuel 1, the mother of Samuel did something. She dedicated Samuel to the Lord. So, Samuel was dedicated like that. It is this dedication that is working against so many people now. This is where we now need to pray. Can you open your mouth like fire and like thunder and shout:

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Every dedication speaking against my destiny, die in the name of Jesu

God consecrated the vessels in the temple. When those vessels were misused in the book of Daniel chapter 5, there was a violent reaction from heaven.

The Bible says “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” The reverse of that is also true. Whatever you commit unto the devil, he will not give up. He will keep pursuing the person and this is a very very serious problem indeed. And this is why many black people have trouble.

You are a property of what your ancestors dedicate you to. Dedication is like outright sale; you have been sold off. And to escape, you must be bought back. Whether the dedication is dead or alive, the agreement is binding, and you are spiritually married to any power you are dedicated to. These are the skeletons in the grandfather’s cupboards of many. All dedications have a voice of authority. Unfortunately, practically all cultures are saturated with one form of idolatry or the other.

Sometimes this is clearly shown in many things that we do: the way we do our naming ceremonies, the way we dedicate children, the way we coronate our Kings, the way we do our marriages, even the way the dead is buried, circumcision ceremonies, dedication of buildings among others. These show that there is something people have been dedicated to. If you have ever passed through all these ceremonies in a satanic sense, of course you have been dedicated and you need to break yourself free. And this is why many people are pursued by untimely death, many are suffering from unexplainable hardness, all because of a skeleton in the grandfather’s cupboard.

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When you eat food sacrificed to idols, and they are pregnant of you, it affects you. When you break the dedication they have made to you without making adequate atonement, it affects you.

When you are living in a demonically cursed place, working in a demonic establishment, it causes trouble for us.

All these are things that cause troubles for us, and we need to deeply and sincerely confess these sins. We need to destroy all these ancestral connections. We need to release ourselves from the satanic courtrooms and prison yards. We need to insure our lives and belongings by the power in the blood of Jesus.

I am praying for everyone reading this message, that every dedication that speaks against you shall be wiped out by the blood of Jesus!

Prayer Points

By fire, by force, O God arise, catapult me to the next level, in the name of Jesus. Any evil meeting summoned against me, scatter unto desolation, in the name of Jesus.  Disgrace, shame, hear the word of the Lord, go back to your senders, in the name of Jesus.

Where is the God of Elijah? Contend with them that contend against me, in the name of Jesus! (A sevenfold amen).

Every evil dedication speaking against my moving forward, die in the name of Jesus. Powers calling my name on evil altars, die in the name of Jesus.

Every generational problem sponsored by my family idol, die in the name of Jesus. Problems assigned against my life by generational idol, die in the name of Jesus. Satanic oil poured on my head by family idol, die in the name of Jesus.

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Pursuing powers of my father’s house, I bury you now in the name of Jesus.

Every shrine mentioning my name, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

Powers that punished my parents, I am not your candidate, die in the name of Jesus. Enemies that came while I slept, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus.

Every idol chain holding me down, break in the name of Jesus.

Negative anointing of my ancestral idols, clear away from my blood in the name of Jesus.

Idols of my father’s house crying against my destiny, shut up in the name of Jesus. I fire back every arrow of witchcraft by the power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

Strangers in the garden of my destiny, die in the name of Jesus. Powers promoting captivity in my family, die in the name of Jesus. Every dog of my ancestral idols barking against my laughter, die in the name of Jesus.

Every battle provoked by family idols against me, die in the name of Jesus. Wasters and emptiers of the idol of my father’s house, die in the name of Jesus.

Every conscious and unconscious covenant with any idol, break in the name of Jesus.

Powers mentioning my name on every evil altar, shut up in the name of Jesus. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I break all curses of idolatry in my family line, in the name of Jesus

Idol chains holding me down, break in the name of Jesus. O God arise, cut down the idols of my father’s house, in the name of Jesus.

Amen. It is settled.

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