“Some people are upset with our church whenever we say this” – Bishop David Oyedepo reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo During his sermon, spoke about the goodness of God in the church and also what He has been doing as they progress. He said, “You will see us jumping like antelopes in the old church. 

We took time to buy that property, 2.3 acres of land. We didn’t know when we bought this one. It was not announced in church once. Psalm 44:3. We got C of O for this land before the Church knew. 

David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo

God bought Himself a land of 530 acres with C of O that covered it all. 2.3, you organize for it, your program, and your budget for it. 530 we didn’t know. 

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We did the 3000 capacity sanctuary and you know how long it took us to do it and He did this one in one year without a budget. Favour is a game changer. Something drastic will happen favourably in the life of many people.”

He then said, “Some people are upset when we say we have never borrowed, we have never begged. That is what they call favour. No secret corner, no calling anyone, favour. Not once have I called anyone, till I go to heaven. 

Praise is one of the ways to realms of favour. I have no human connection in my life but Jesus. I know what He demands and I am privileged to keep giving it to Him every day. Sweet Jesus. Many have left me, God has never left me. Everybody is free to leave. Jesus is more than enough. Favour will rewrite your story. That is what makes all the difference.”

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