Some Points Made By A Priest After He Disclosed What Happened When An Owl Flew Into His Office

Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu of the Catholic Church saw an owl in his office and seized the opportunity to make some points while describing the scenario.

The Catholic priest had disclosed that the owl flew into his office before he left for his sister’s wedding, however, he allowed the owl to enjoy the ambience of his office until the evening when he let it fly out.

The priest used the opportunity to make certain points, one of which is that, Christians should try to understand what falls into everyday occurrences.

According to him, people should not attach too many diabolical powers to things that are only normal or natural, such as seeing an owl in their offices, or homes.

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He stated that there are some persons who would have declared fasting and prayers over the incident and taken other kinds of spiritual measures just because they saw an owl.

In making his point through his story, Reverend Father Kelvin was able to show that some of the things which believers bother about do not have any bearing with the spiritual, and are natural occurrences.

Secondly, Father Kelvin further pointed out that some Christians sometimes constitute their own demons, witches, etc, because of their actions.

This is because of their superstitious nature which causes them to give unnecessary spiritual attention to things that can be explained with physical and natural laws.

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