Some Spiritual Fathers Are Secretly Fighting Their Sons, And Even go as Far as Closing Doors They Opened For Them – Evang Gospel Agochukwu Tells Personal Story

The Founder of Shekinah Arena Gospel Ministries Int’l in Port Harcourt, Rivers State,Evangelist Dr. Gospel Agochukwu, has disclosed how some spiritual fathers secretly fight their spiritual sons, which he told a personal story.

Pastor Gospel is also a motivational speaker, itinerant preacher, and good communicator noted for his practical and dramatic teachings 

He said, “While I was in Liberia after preaching, my Host was speaking on call with a renowned man of God from Ghana who requested he gives the phone to me so we can communicate as he has been trying to reach out to me but all to no avail.

I kindly obliged. As we got talking, the man of God said he had asked a Father of the Gospel in Nigeria who I look up to (and we communicate almost every now and then) for my contact but he told him he doesn’t have my contact.

Meanwhile, whenever he enters my city, it’s me he calls to come run some logistics for him (unless I am not in town). But we had a time when our relationship suffered a setback but everything became fine and after a while, we became good again, talking and I am also sowing seeds to service the relationship.

He asked him for my contact only for Him to say I don’t have Gospel Agochukwu’s phone number. He asked for my WhatsApp contact; he also said I am not on WhatsApp.

In the Prophet’s language ” I asked for your contact and he played me”. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. Thank God my life wasn’t comprised of His Help or contact because with this, I can imagine the length he would have gone to fight me.

This kept me wondering what some young ministers go through in the hands of those who feel they made them. They will close every door they opened for you.

Block any contact they  gave you. Spoil your name to whoever they mentioned it to. But unfortunately will still be enjoying your honour while fighting you secretly.

Brothers serve genuinely; carefully avoid fighting back anyone who you look up to or have looked up to. You are not doing it for them but setting a standard for your generation and those who will also call you Father. Be good not because someone is good to you but because it is your nature.

Also learn only the good things from people ahead of you, carefully avoid practising their weakness but learn from their weakness.

Evang Dr Gospel Agochukwu JP

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