Somebody Mocked Bishop Oyedepo For Saying This, When He Was Using A Tired Volkswagen – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie spoke at Salvation Ministries Home of Success. The title of his message was Hope: Provoker of Faith and he urged his members not to be concerned about what people say about them.

He revealed that his mentor Bishop Oyedepo was using a Volkswagen Beetle but he saw himself flying in the air, he didn’t see a beetle, he saw an aircraft. One day somebody mocked him. He came to preach about prosperity in a Church and the man mocked him. He said, “When some of us are buying cars some people are saying they are flying in the air with all this tired beetle.” He said it was just left for the man to just say I am talking to you. The man could not see what he saw. So, when he was talking the man was mocking him. “But today where is he? if people are mocking you, keep on declaring where you’re going,” he said.

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He then advised that you don’t allow your look to make you look hopeless. You have to see beyond where you are, if you know where you’re going, what you’re passing through will not move you. You have to always say to yourself, “I will wake up, the world is waiting for me, my case is not closed, I will build my faith as to get to my destination, my destiny is for the top and I will build my faith to get there.”

Finally, he said that he will get there, the top is his place. He will not settle for the bottom and he advised that you don’t mind what you’re seeing now. “I still have something left and that which God has for me I must get there,” he said.

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