“Somebody said what is your ambition? I said ambition? It is a long time since I heard that word” – Bishop Oyedepo Reveals Why Doesn’t Believe In Ambition

Jealously guard your love for God, and jealously guard your commitment to serving God. Some naysayers will try to discourage you but don’t let them. 

Some people wanted to disconnect Elisha from Elijah but he knew where he was going and when He came back, they bowed down and worshipped him. There is always the realm of mockery before the realm of glory. Jesus despised the shame and see Him now set as Majesty on High. 

Somebody was giving towards transportation and another person who is a member and believer is saying it is too much, are you the only one? What’s your problem. The husband said that’s a very good thing. 

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Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo

The wife said that is what God laid in her heart. You just find people just roaming about. I am not giving to the course of the gospel, I am a gift to the gospel. Me, the whole me. 

Somebody said what is your ambition? I said ambition? It is a long time since I heard that word. Ambition or achievements. I don’t believe in it, I believe in ‘engracement’. 

You can’t be anything by any effort of yours. You can only be what the grace of God makes you to be. Paul said I am what I am by the grace of God. When you stop acknowledging that grace you start suffering disgrace. 

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“You see I schooled in Harvard” and so what? Are there not those who schooled in Harvard and are now mad. “Well, I have been in 20 nations” okay, keep going. You are a good traveller and there are many other countries. The moment you start counting on your skill, you have killed your future. 

Count on His grace, my friend. What have you that you have not received? That’s what keeps a man going with God knowing that you are worth nothing. John 15:5. People just over celebrate themselves only to end up in captivity. You will not suffer such in your life. 

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