Steven Furtick – Holiday Season Survival Guide (Video)

As the holiday season approaches, the senior pastor of Elevation church Steven Furtick has released a message titled “Holiday Season Survival Guide”.

He lists the fruits of the spirit, which are Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

So if God wants to bring forth that kind of fruits like self-control and gentleness, is to put us in a situation where we have to control ourselves.

To give us peace? by putting us in situation that does not feel peaceful, Jesus was born in unexpected place even the pregnancy was unplanned, things being unplanned in our eyes is fully planned by God and it will make sense to us later all we have to do is to believe in God’s plan.

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We have to tell ourselves that something good is coming from every situation, we don ‘t have to know everything we just have to believe that something good is coming and we believe in God, this should be our mood this holiday season.

All this story that we love and cherish so much is people having to take directions they never planned on. If we don’t feel schedule and didn’t plan for anything we should know that something good is coming.

There are some of us that have lost great things in our life like our parents, jobs, partner, and there are people that have been sick for months this year but they have come to seek for Jesus Christ and that’s the best decision and something good is coming from this.

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We should tell ourselves that something good is coming throughout this holiday and new year, we should believe that something great, blessed, is coming.

Before the end of the year we should expect something  good, we should leave room for God to decide what he calls good. We should walk into this new year with flexible faith and God will take control.

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