“Stop being ashamed of your today” – Apostle Joshua Selman Urges Believers

Founder of Eternity Network International (ENI) Koinonia, Apostle Joshua Selman has revealed to believers why they should not be ashamed of their today.

In his words, 

“Stop being ashamed of your today. Great men are made in the furnace of affliction.. Oil is made by crushing the olive. God is making something out of you.

Be patient and keep building yourself. Your future is looking for a version of you that is still in making. Stay with God.

When life is giving you a scar, respect it. It is why a crown will be put on your head. 

If it means to cry, don’t be ashamed..Even Jesus wept. 

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You maybe going through it now dear, powerful man and woman of God in making..yes it is true my sister that you don’t understand what’s going on now.. Don’t worry.. you will see what you will become when God is done with you.

Carry your scar with honour..when God lifts you they will be the witness. 

Be patient with God. Wait on and for him. Everybody goes through seasons.  There are certain cups you don’t pray away. Ask for grace to go through them.

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