“Stop Coming To God Like A House Maid” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals Annoying Things Believers Do When They Go To God

Have the full understanding of your rights and privileges, approach God boldly as a child of God. Stop begging in prayers, many of us religion makes us not to pray well. Hebrew 4:16. Let us therefore come boldly, not beggarly. ChurchGist. God is saying do you want to pray? Come to me as a child of God, don’t come to me like a slave.

There is a statement that is religious but not correct: Father, we are all miserable sinners, how many of you have heard such in your religious background? That’s a wrong prayer, you’re not a miserable sinner, if you commit sin, he said confess he is faithful and just to forgive you. How can you now go to God thinking that you’re praying and crying: Oh God I have come as a miserable sinner, did God say come to me as a miserable sinner or boldness?

If you commit sin, confess it and go back to God but don’t go to Him as a miserable sinner, they will be crying thinking it’s religion. Know your privileges and rights. ChurchGist. I will give you two people in the Bible, one did not know his right, the prodigal son’s older brother, the other one knew his right, the prodigal son. The prodigal son knew his right. He said I will arise and go to my father; I know I am a child of God I will go back. The prodigal son’s older brother was full of religion. Luke 15:18. He went to ask a servant in the house, what are they doing in my father’s house.

The servant told him they are having a party to welcome your brother. He was angry that they are having a party for him and nothing has been done for him, he had no idea the privileges he has from his father. Some of us when we come to Church, the kind of things we ask are very annoying. Even today they will ask, Father one room in Ojoto (A ghetto in Port Harcourt), Father 1 room in Ajegunle, 1 room in Baltimore County.

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So, who will live in a flat in GRA, who should be living in GRA? You’re a child of God, don’t ask God like that, you come to God like as if you’re begging for something.

God said ask me boldly, two people don’t knock the door to my room in my house, they just open it, they can turn back if they see me sleeping, every other person knocks, these two people they don’t knock. God said enter and ask him like his own child.

Stop coming like the house boy and you’ll stand by the door (oga I dey here o). Sons and Daughters don’t behave like that, they just open the door and make a demand. God said approach him like a child of God. You respect him but don’t come to him like a slave, you’re not a house maid, you’re a bonafide child of God. Because many of us are so full of religion, we think by doing that we are being holy.

It’s the wrong way of approaching God. When the prodigal son said he’s not worthy, the father said shut up you’re worthy, don’t say you’re not worthy, you’re my child, I have not changed your identity. Please change your perspective when you want to talk to God.

You respect him as your Father but don’t go to him like a housemaid, even if your name is Okon don’t behave like Okon is somebody they gave birth to in the evening. ChurchGist. In Calabar they name you according to events surrounding them. If they give birth to you in the night, they will name you Okon, Effiong is the second born. I have one of my sons who I love so much, his name is Okon and he’s very rich. I am sure he must have looked at it and said I won’t be like other Okon, I am different. Praise God!

Even if they call you Okon, don’t behave like other Okon, go to God like a real Okon. It’s a big issue, many don’t know their privilege and right when they are praying. Father, help me nah, won’t you help me, I am talking to you, look at the way I am suffering. Stop it! Father, you said in your Word, you have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread, I can’t be begging for bread, I am a faithful tither, my Heaven must open, God will say yes my son you’re talking, based on your Word, you say wherever I go I shall find favour , as I am stepping out today favour will follow me, God will say you’re correct. Lord, you said a thousand shall fall at my right and at my left they shall not come near me, no matter the evil happening in my office which will never come near me. ChurchGist. God will mark you good, that you know your rights and privileges.

Never have I prayed to God like a slave, may that slavery mentality be off your life. Before I enter any country, I pray that Lord I am entering this country as your ambassador, let me be honoured like royalty and when I get there, they won’t treat me anyhow. My wife likes to travel with me, she says she enjoys travelling with me, because you will see big honour on display.

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The last time we travelled to Alabama, as we arrived in Chicago, we were carried straight bypassing the American and visitors checkpoint and you know if they carry me, they must carry the two of us. I was the first person to leave, in fact the American who followed us stayed an hour extra. But some people when they want to pray, father as I am travelling help me o, help me o, when I appear let them attend to me because I am from Nigeria, is that prayer? Talk like a child of God, tell God that you must be given royalty, special immunity.

Somebody asked me why do you cover your number plate? Do you have immunity? He’s in church now. I asked him if other politicians cover their plates, he said they have immunity, I said the immunity I have is too big, he said really, I said yes. I have Heaven’s immunity. The man came to church today, He said Papa don’t use me to preach, I said I will preach with you. ChurchGist. He’s in Church as I am talking now, he’s laughing and the man is not tall, I discovered that those who are not tall must do something for you to recognize their presence, check people that are short, they like trouble, if you don’t recognize them, they make trouble for you. They will tell you in case you can’t see me because I am not tall, you will know that I am here and they like to carry a very big walking stick.

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