Stop Living In Limbo – Bishop T.D Jakes (Video)

Bishop T.D Jakes: Stop Living In Limbo: Here is a fresh message from Bishop T.D Jakes which is titled “Stop Living In Limbo”. The text for this message is from the book of 1 King 9: 9-18.

Bishop T.D. Jakes explains what it means to be in Limbo in this sermon. When a person is stuck between two stages, they are said to be living in limbo. The person is trapped, and it’s not obvious what will happen after that.

Throughout the scripture, there has been a few times when God had to come and help those who have found themselves in Limbo.

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The text for the message shows the story of Prophet Elijah and how he found himself in a State of Limbo.

Bishop Jakes tells us that  many of us have gotten comfortable living in limbo, but God is calling you to challenge our perspective.

“What are you saying to yourself? Have you settled for less because that’s what you think you deserve? 

Until you confront the lies that have shaped your belief system, you’ll never discover all that God has for you. But like God found Elijah hiding in a cave, He will find you wherever you are. Are you ready to come to your true self? Give yourself permission to change your story!’

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If you want to get out of Limbo then you have to figure out what has to die. Our enemy is within us. What is killing us is what we say to ourselves. 

We must have the courage to challenge the understanding we stand under. It possible that we have a false perspective about us and that affects everything we do.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop T.D Jakes “Stop Living In Limbo”. 

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