Stop Making God Jealous – Apostle Joshua selman


Do you know how many things we would have cheaply received in our lives only if we have had the Grace to ask? God feels insulted when you leave him and go to a herbalist for help when he is there. He will be wondering who taught you that if you ask him he will not give you. He will feel so bad

You can admit that if you see your father giving another person 10 thousand dollars. You will feel jealous.

To know how much God can give you, you look at unbelievers and see what he have given them. He gave them mercy, he gave them Grace. When you look at all these things, you will ask him for more because he is your father.

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Whenever you come to God, know that he is your Source. Call him Abba. When you call him Abba you submit your total dependence on him. Don’t come to him because you see him as plan A, come to him because he is your source. Do you know why God always show to people at there Last hour? It’s because by that time they have given up on all other options.

There is an attribute of God that unless you are taught well you will think it is negative. That attribute is called THE JEALOUS ATTRIBUTE.

We were told in the bible that God is a Jealous God. Jealousy is not a negative attribute. Do you know that the foundation for responsibility is Jealousy? You can not be responsible over something you are not jealous about.

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When the bible says God is a Jealous God, there is something in you that connects to him. When he hears your cry he can’t pretend that is not you. He knows the sound of your voice.

When you approach God in prayer let him be your source, your everything, not plan B. Not you drop a Bible and your idol. It is too bad to mix Jesus and a charm or anything else.

We have to get to a point where we have to be willing to take God seriously. That is by folding other gods.

Stop making God Jealous.

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