Stop Praying That You Want To Make Rapture – Pastor Abel Damina Tells Believers

In a video recently shared on YouTube, Pastor Abel Damina, the Founder and General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministry, told his congregation during his sermon on ‘Being Filled With The Holy Ghost’ that believers in Christ should stop praying that they want to make the rapture. The controversial cleric went on to state his reason

According to Pastor Damina “Rapture means the resurrection of a believer from the dead. As a believer, when you say God is my father, what you are actually saying is that His spirit is in you and that you share the same DNA. If you have the spirit of God in you, then you have the guarantee of the rapture

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To buttress his argument, the man of God referred to the book of Romans chapter 8 verse 11

The cleric interpreted Romans 8:11 to mean that if you have the spirit of God, then you have the guarantee of the rapture or resurrection.

In the cleric’s own words “I wonder how someone with the Holy Spirit will be praying not to miss the rapture. It makes no sense.

“It is like a man praying for God to make him a man or someone praying for what he already has. The Holy Spirit inside the believer is the guarantee of rapture. Praying to make the rapture should not be a prayer point because the rapture is a guaranteed reality of a believer in Christ”

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