Stop Rolling With Your Age Mates Always, Seek For The Older Generations – Rev.Funke Reveals Why

The older generations are considered to be more experienced. Leaning toward them for knowledge, and most especially to seek advice when needed is the best, for the younger folks. Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo of Agape Ministry has stressed the need for people to be more associated with the older sets than their age mates, or those that are at par with them. As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has maintained that your mates do not have what it takes to take you to your desired destination in life.

As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has sarcastically coined a new form, “Envigelism” from the word, “Envy”, to represent the fact that they are envious and not reliable. The cleric maintained that your age mates are mostly jealous of your achievements hence, it is better to move with those that are above you in everything. The cleric also reiterated the fact that, so many people have carelessly relied so much on their friends and have revealed a lot of their plans and visions to them, not knowing that, they have been jealous of them. Such friends would kill your vision.

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As shared by Ndepo Tv, the cleric has stressed that, so many people have revealed a lot more than they should to their friends, unknown that they are not happy with their achievements in life. This has slowed down their pace in life or sometimes destroyed them. Those that are more advanced and more experienced than you would have to your knowledge, and they’d are not envious of your achievements, which might not be up to theirs.

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