THE QUEST ( The Voice You Listen To)

Episode 5
It was more than fifteen minutes, and yet no sign of Efe, Yome got very worried. The gate finally opened but it wasn’t Efe that came in, it was Yoma. He was smiling, as if he just saw an angel, as he approached Yome.
“Why are you smiling like a favored masquerade? And what exactly are you looking for in this compound? If you missed your way, just go back through that gate you just entered”, Yome replied angrily. She was always infuriated by his presence. Though he’s good look and speaks well, something about him just didn’t feel right, and she was never comfortable with his proud nature.
“Efe isn’t here, and this is not the house of a chicken seller. It’s my compound and nobody is inside. So we are alone to discuss and have fun”, he replied, smiling sheepishly.

Yome’s heart melted into her stomach. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She looked at him again, as if trying to identify the man standing in front of her.
“How did you know about the chicken seller? And what do you mean by discuss and have fun?”, she responded with every courage she could muster.

He ignored her questions and opened the door for her to go in. When she refused, he carried her inside. She shouted but no one heard, the compound was too large and there were no neighboring houses nearby. Before she could say Jack Robinson, he tore her clothes and slapped her severally. He gave her a mighty blow on her back and laps, which made her muscles weak. She tried to fight but couldn’t. When he noticed she was in pains and weak, he went into her roughly and raped her . Being the first time with a man, who didn’t care about how she felt, the pains were unfathomable. All she could do was cry, out of the pains she felt all over her body and knowing that truly, the Undeserving fellow had caught up with her and her Destiny has been truncated.
“Shakara don end, abi? You nor go fit do dat yanga for me again. Nor be say you fine, you just dey form for me. Nor be ur body be dis, speaking useless Grammer on top of nonsense”, Yoma mocked her as she lay on the bed crying bitterly. After so many years of loosing her brother to the cold hands of death, she suddenly remembered how lonely and helpless she felt that day her mother tried to kill her. She cried and wailed uncontrollably, begging death to come and take her.
“Will you shut up your dirty mouth? Are you the first virgin that was raped? Why all this meaningless drama? Or did your friend not tell you about the promises I made. I’ll fulfill them, except for marrying you because, you are not as beautiful as I desire my wife to be”, Yoma shouted, dragging her to sit down and face him.
“Which promise are you talking about? Was Efe in this thing with you? Did my friend betray me due to your worthless promise?” Yome replied angrily, but Yoma realized that she wasn’t aware about anything and was tricked by her friend. He suddenly felt pity for her, but he had already satisfied his lust.
“HURRY UP AND LEAVE MY HOUSE”, Yoma screamed and pulled her from his bed. He threw a shirt for her and told her to wear it and get out, that the sight of her disgust him.

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Yome refused to wear the shirt. She walked home, dragging herself with the little courage she could muster and wrapped her body with a wrapper she found in Yoma’s compound. People knew something was wrong with her, but she didn’t reply any question. She just wept inwardly and walked home thinking about how her life had been ruined.

Was this the end? What else can happen to Yome? And what would be her Grandma’s reaction? Continue reading to find out

Point to note: A Treasure should be preserved and not given to a swine. Protect that which you have before it is too late

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By Joy Joseph

THE QUEST ( The Voice You Listen To)

Episode 6
Immediately Yome entered the compound, her Grandma ran out of the house. She stopped and looked at her granddaughter emotionlessly. Yome couldn’t look at her, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She just stared at the ground and cried bitterly, remembering her Grandma’s advise. Was it possible that she was already pregnant after this dreadful encounter. Her heart fret at the thought of that and she quickly shook that thought away.
“Who did this to you, my child? Who took away your dignity and gave you shame? Who is that worthless fellow that washed away your innocence? WHO?, Grandma slumped immediately she finished the last word. Yome called for help and begged her Grandma not to leave her alone, for the world was too lonely to be left alone.

After three hours of reviving her Grandma, she finally opened her eyes and saw Yome crying by her side. She looked like a dog that was drenched in the rain, and was too frustrated.
“Yome, it is not your fault. You are a good child and a child of Destiny. Don’t be discouraged by this my dear child; for Destiny may be delayed but can never be denied. Remember, man can take away what you Have but can never take away what you Are”, with these words, Grandma breathe her last. Yome held her hands and knew when life left her Grandma, but she was too weak to shout. She just felt too tired and wondered what would become of her now that her Grandma is dead. What a wicked world, being raped and loosing her grandmother on the same day was too much burden to bear, she felt like dying.

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At the thought of that, she stood up and ran outside the room. The women outside saw her and knew something might have happened. They ran inside and discovered that the old woman was no more. When they came outside to console Yome, they didn’t find her. They shouted and ran, trying to look for the poor girl before she harmes herself.

Yome ran far into the bush and ensured she was alone. There, she brought out the rope she had carried from the compound and tied it to a tree. She said to herself, “when my brother died, mother tried to strangle me. Let me end my life, before father comes to kill me. This pain is too much for me”.
As soon as she placed the rope on her throat, she heard a voice loud and clear: “This is not the End but the Beginning of something Great and Beautiful. The Undeserving fellow might have tampered with your body but not your Destiny. It’s too early to give up, YOME MY CHILD”

She felt a cold breeze over her, and immediately had a sense of hope. She turned but could see nobody, yet she felt the presence of someone, who wasn’t just with her but was comforting her. She loosed the rope and walked home, tired and sad, knowing she wouldn’t meet her Grandma at home, not today, not ever.

With her Grandma’s death, how will Yome cope? What would become of her? Could she really be pregnant? Continue reading to find out

Point to note: Even in our weakest and darkest moment, God is always there to comfort and guide us, be Attentive to His Voice

By Joy Joseph

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.
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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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