Thank God for Teaching Priests Today, This Is What They Have Done To False Prophets – Apostle Christian Nwoke Reveals

One of the signs of the end times according to Jesus Christ is that false prophets shall arise and deceive meaning. However, in a recent post on Facebook, Apostle Christian Nwoke, the President of God’s Army Global spoke about “THE PROPHETIC RUSH.”

According to him, that rush to prophesy by force has been quenched down in the Body of Christ. At that time most young ministers were under pressure to give prophecies in every service even when God isn’t speaking, but now that time is fading away. It seemed like seats won’t get filled in Church until you call somebody’s name or phone number and this thing drove most young ministers to start using charms to see the road.

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He said that many young men from across Africa entered Ghana to swallow a particular spiritual stone, some drank water used in bathing dead bodies just to get the power to see people’s secret details. They started hearing names like Prophetic Bulldozer, Major sniper, seer 100 and so on. Many young preachers faked prophecies, collected Facebook data and data from first-timers through their ushers and used it to give lying prophecies. Some still have big ministries today as a result of the prophetic merchandise.

According to him, few of them still want to repent from it but are feeling too committed already. “I Pray they see this and Repent quickly before they die and burn in hell fire,” he said. Some others started doing charity everywhere, thinking that God will forgive them because of the charity works but they are just deceiving themselves. He then revealed that the prophetic mafia still lives but their relevance is reducing. People are hungry for the Word now because the fake Prophetic has emptied several people’s bank accounts. Some will never give to genuine ministries but once a fake prophet comes, they’ll blindly give everything they have.

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He said that whether their relevance reduces or not, whether they help 1,000 poor families or not, all fake and false prophets are children of Satan. Aba was the breeding ground for Nigerian false prophets; South Africa was the place to market the prophetic gift if you wanted to go global; Ghana was the place for spiritual empowerment with their warlocks and sangoma priests who have the direct line of Satan.

Finally, he said, “Thank God for Teaching Priests today, that ungodly desire to prophesy with lying spirits is burning down fast and the pressure to use Satan’s power to serve God is reducing amongst young preachers. People can now listen to sound teachings. Genuine Prophets can now prophesy without being under pressure to call what they have not seen.” May the Lord raise more Teaching Priests that will quench the noise of false Prophetic mafias and bring maturity and doctrinal balance to the Body of Christ in Jesus’ name.

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