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Funny Enough… That day started as a normal day. I had been invited to minister in Kenya. Larry, my Keyboardist went with me as usual. The ministration was powerful.. I retired to my room, Room 401 to have my rest, when Larry called me ..

” Grace, I am bored… Can I come over”..Those were the words that landed my back on the bed…

Larry came and from emotional talks, we graduated to appreciating each other’s body…

“Grace, do you know you have the cutest lips ever, they are so small but beautiful no wonder , it produces sweet Melody… ”

That gave way to kisses… In thirty something minutes, the predicted had happened, Larry had done what he wanted to do and seriously speaking, it wasn’t exceptional. In fact, my husband was better….

Right from that moment, regret set in, self condemnation set in.. Instantly, I had a feeling something left me… With tears in my eyes for disappointing God, I asked Larry to please excuse me….

Words failed me, as I couldn’t pray to ask God for forgiveness… The words were too heavy, all I did that night was shed tears. My husband kept calling like he suspected something…

” Honey, are you OK? I am having that feeling when something is wrong with you …You know that sharp pain in my heart… ” All I did was cry…

“My Grace”…He never called me Grace, but “My Grace”

” My Grace, was your ministration bad, You didn’t do well?… Answer me please”…I heard real love speaking to me, and for the first time, I felt LOVE for my husband, but I knew this love had been injured…

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He promised he was coming to Kenya the next morning to give me moral support for the second day of the ministration…

I slept off in tears but woke up panting…. I had a Dream…

I saw myself with a heavy mass of hair on my head, my hair in the dream was so long, it drew attention to me … Suddenly, I saw Larry with a big gardener’s scissor. He chopped off my hair till I became bald..

I did not understand the meaning of this dream, but I kept it a secret….

Two months later, I discovered I was pregnant for Larry….

Did my dream have anything to do with this pregnancy?
Should I have been happy or sad about this pregnancy, since I had been barren for 12 years?
These were the questions that haunted me… Please can you answer them before I continue my tale…




My Husband grabbed his chest in surprise and shock, but with a smile, when the doctor told him I was two months gone… Obviously, He thought the baby was his, it could never have crossed his mind that I had sexual intercourse with Larry…

My husband was on cloud nine, praising God as he drove from the hospital. My conscience told me I was doing something wrong… Just at that moment, the last person I expected to hear from called my line…. I refused to pick up.

Daniel noticed, he picked it up instead and said in excitement…

” Hey, Brother Larry, my wife can not pick up right now, she is in shock ooo, me sef…., where are you, there is good news…” I gave Daniel a surprising look and I shook my head in the negative but Daniel kept ranting…

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” We are coming over to the Church as well, for me personally to roll in front of the altar, we will see there… ” Daniel had tears of Joy rolling down his face as he kept saying ” Thank you Jesus, Thank you for producing a baby out of NO Sperm count… Thank you Lord… Please make the baby a girl, I want her to be just like her mother… Just like Grace… a woman who loves God….”

” Do we have to tell Larry, let’s keep it between us” I said

” Not Larry, he has been a good friend to us, encouraging and praying for you… You know we also need to inform him so as to help me keep watch over you, when you go for your ministrations…. “Daniel kept ranting on..

I felt I was going to explode, my tears kept flowing and at the same time anxiety of seeing Larry was driving me crazy. I didn’t even realise we were in church, but Daniel jumped down from the vehicle and ran towards Larry. He gave him a big Embrace, and whispered something in his ears, I saw instant shock on Larry’s face as his body stiffened In Daniel’s embrace.

Larry gave a big smile to cover up, and congratulated Daniel, In fact he knelt on the floor praising God when he said

” Thank you for doing this for me, you know how much I have longed for this”…

He stood up and walked towards me, while Daniel kept rolling in front of the altar, Larry gave me a sisterly hug and whispered…

” I am thanking God for doing this for me, because you and I know This baby is mine.. I gave you the baby, you and your husband have been looking for… For me to keep quiet, you need to repay me…. I love you”

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Daniel came to join the hug… If I didn’t know any better I would have said we looked like a happy bunch…

I couldn’t sleep as the thought of aborting the pregnancy was all I could think of.. When Daniel finally fell asleep, I literally crawled into the kitchen and I squeezed 5 Big lime and gulped it down….

I walked back into the room, waiting for the blood to flow out, but I found Daniel on the floor with his hand on his right chest and my phone on the floor beside him… He had tears flowing down his face…..

As I rushed to help him, I noticed my phone screen was bright… I checked to see why… Larry had sent a text

” On a second thought I want my baby, don’t you think it is high time, we killed your husband and make you mine…” I couldn’t read the text to the end…. As I summed it up…

Daniel because of his hypertensive nature must have read the text and went into shock….

Different thoughts flooded my heart…. First, I thought of leaving him to die, to cover my sin… I was crying so hard, I couldn’t breathe… If he died, I would just tell the lie he died in his sleep. I will abort the pregnancy and start my life all over….

Secondly, I thought of helping him, but if he survived, there would be an automatic divorce…

Please tell me, Dear readers , At this point, what do you think would have been my best option? Please tell me before I continue my tale…

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My Passion for The Gospel bought about this great Platform.. I love to share the Good News. That's my PASSION. I don't believe the Gospel should be boring. Nobelie is so exclusive. You won't find what we offer any where else. You ask a friend.

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