“The Ability to Eat is A Blessing, Don’t Mind Those People Who Say Don’t Eat This Don’t Eat That- Pastor E.A Adeboye Advises Members

Pastor E.A Adeboye while preaching on Over Flowing blessings, urge his church members to enjoy themselves and eat whatever they like, however they should do it with caution

See what he said below;

The ability to eat is a blessing. Ecclesiastes 3:13, Ecclesiastes 5:19, Ecclesiastes 6:12, Ecclesiastes 5:11. 

Thank God for those of us who are not rich yet but we can eat. How many people are here who it doesn’t matter what they put in front of you, you can go.

If you can really eat, shout halleluyah! Me, I don’t have money but if you don’t want me to eat, don’t invite me to your house because I can eat. 

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You know one of the problems with some people who are very very rich is that they have a problem choosing what to eat. They have to think, ‘What did I eat yesterday?” You now hear some people begin to tell you things you can’t eat. 

You have the money to buy them but, ‘You can’t eat beef, red meat, …’ what are we going to eat? Don’t mind them; one was talking the other day and he was talking about all the things you shouldn’t eat. Some of the things she said (Usually it is a woman), they made sense. 

‘Don’t eat too much sugar’ I said I agree; even the Word of God says, ‘even though honey is good, don’t eat too much of it or else you will vomit.’ If it is too sweet, your body will say I don’t want. She said, ‘Don’t eat too much salt.’ I said I agree; my mouth is there to be the controller. My mouth will tell me this thing is too salty. And she went on and on and all of a sudden she said, ‘Don’t eat too much pounded yam’.

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I said, ‘Na lie!’ My mother ate pounded yam at least twice a day all her life and she lived to be over a hundred. Do you want me to live here forever? Fortunately she didn’t mention ‘bole (boli)’ that would have led to a quarrel; because boli is a food prepared by God – all ingredients are in. 

It just said, ‘remove the wrapping and put in the oven’ and the best of all foods will come. Don’t mind those people who said, ‘Don’t eat don’t eat that!’ Enjoy yourself! I said, Enjoy yourself. Those of you who can eat let me hear you shout halleluyah!

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Alright, so that I don’t offend the doctors: You can obey them till you are 70. As soon as you are 70 years old, eat anything you like. You want to stay in the world forever? Enjoy yourself my friend!

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