“The Adeleke’s recent loss of their child was because the stewards failed them” – Pastor Biodun Oladele Reveals

Senior Pastor of Spirit Chapel International Church Ibadan while preaching on stewardship reveals how the stewards of popular Nigerian singer Davido failed them which led to the loss of their son.

See what he said;

Gideon gathered an army of thirty two thousand people to  fight against the Midianite, but God reduced the number through some tests to three hundred. Judges 7:4-7 Those were his core. 

Jesus had three layers of leaders, he had the big circle, the inner circle and the innermost circle. God has the outer court, inner court and the most holy place.

Those three layers must exist in anything that will stand over time. You are the one to determine which layer you will function from. 

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The big word that places you in any of these layers is Trust. Those outside,God cannot trust them. Faith is you depending on God but faithfulness is God depending on you. Your gift and talent is not what moves you into the inner circle, but being trustworthy. If man can’t trust you, God can’t trust you. 

The governance of this earth was committed to man. In other words, we are partners with God with a mandate of stewardship. Stewardship is managing something entrusted to one’s care. Adam was God steward over the earth God created. He trusted Adam but he failed. 

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The Adeleke’s recent loss of their child was because the stewards failed them. Can God trust you? God has entrusted many things that failed because of carelessness and neglect. 

God has no problem lifting you if He knows you will run His government well. God wants His government to function through men. Our world is in dire need of men that can be trusted. There is no height you cannot ascend if God finds you a faithful steward.

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