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THE DARK SECRET (part four)
Olufunmi Olutade

The security guard was not on duty that day, that was weird. But I had the duplicate of the gate remote key with me, you can’t imagine what can happen when the devil himself is on duty!

Everything thing else looked normal, but the instance we stepped into the sitting room, uncle Dave passed out. I became frightened like a kitten in a forgotten ocean. I shook him and called him, there was no response. I looked around for a strange sight, I saw none. I took to my heels. I was done here!

But, the door refused to open. Everything became strange, how can my beautiful home of comfort turn suddenly to an abode of fears? I tried severally but the door won’t give in.

“My doom is here!” I’d thought. I flashed back all that transpired earlier on, everything that was preventing me to come here, but I was stubborn, more stubborn than a foolish Christmas goat. Here is the music I’d played for myself, I must dance to it.

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‘I am.’ the strange bike man’s name would constantly come to my heart. At that point, I wasn’t ready to entertain another horrible movie, I’d one I was yet to get over at present.

“Why did uncle Dave pass out? Will he ever get up? What will happen to me eventually?” Many questions fought for domination in my already confused mind. My life flashed before my very eyes in that moment. I sobbed, I cried, I was still, but nothing changed.

“Baby, come over here and take your seat.” That was my father! How, I mean I knew not when he got seated in that sitting room. I could not think , I couldn’t remember if he was seated all along the episode.

“Come over here” he repeated calmly. I had no choice. I couldn’t disobey. Like a Lamb led to be slaughtered, I obediently took my seat and listened to his tale of woe.

“Why are you home? I told you not to come without confirming with me? Why did you disobey me, baby” he continued, still in all calmness. I opened my mouth but the words won’t come out, they got stucked at my throat. What would I say anyway. “I’m sorry daddy” I muttered amidst tears.

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“That won’t change anything now. My guests don’t like the interference of mere mortals, you escaped the knock out because my blood runs through your veins. But that doesn’t wipe out the repercussion.” He spoke, still in all calmness. I was really confused. His best employee was lying there unconsciously, impending doom looms over his only daughter and he was that calm?

“You will never get married. You will never have kids of your own, and you will die at the age of forty after battling a terminal illness.” He concluded still calmly.

“Ha daddy, being dead is far more better than this? ” I was visibly shaking. Who was my father? Who was this man that had shown me love all my life? It could never be this man who pronounced this doom upon my life without any iota of emotions. It was at that point I realized that I was done for.

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“But there’s a way out, there’s a way to escape all of these. If you’re willing to comply” father said this but calmly still!

What could that be? Should I say I was desperate to do anything to get me out of this web? Very well. But what father said next was what shook me to my bone marrow.

Just in a single day, I had people died on my account, still on that same day, I was going to deep my hands, no, not my hands, I was going to deep my whole self into this filth.

‘I am’ that strange bike man would always creep into my heart whenever I was in distress, but I discarded it. I wanted a more concrete solution, not a complicated one.

For my father’s offer, it was beyond me to reject because the devil had not retired for the day.

To be continued…

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